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<div>Carrier weight range (min–max) | 35–50 t<br>Breaker operating weight | 3,430 kg<br>Oil flow range (min–max) | 240–320 l/min.<br><br></div>
Montabert BRV 55

Carrier weight range (min–max) | 35–50 t
Breaker operating weight | 3,430 kg
Oil flow range (min–max) | 240–320 l/min.

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<ul><li>45–90 t carrier weight range</li><li>5,589 kg breaker operating weight</li><li>380–420 l/min oil flow range</li></ul><div><br><br><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div>

  • 45–90 t carrier weight range
  • 5,589 kg breaker operating weight
  • 380–420 l/min oil flow range

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