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Noemi Leone - Repalo - Italy

Phone: 0804044674 - Email:

Brokk 90

Publish date: 25/09/2023

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  • Category:

    Special Parts

  • Measure:

    1015 Kilogram

  • Year:


  • Details:
    Performance Slewing speed 8 sec/245° Transport speed, max. 2,6 km/h; 0,8 m/s; 1,6 mph Incline angle, max. 30° Hydraulic system Hydraulic system capacity 35 l; 9,2 US gal Pump type Gear pump with fixed displacement System pressure 16,5 MPa; 2393 psi Pump flow max 50Hz and 60Hz 40 l/min; 10.6 US gal/min Electric motor Type ABB Output* 11kW Current* 22A Starting device Soft start/Direct start Control system Control type Portable control box Signal code Digital Transfer Cable/Radio Weight Weight of basic machine excluding attachment 1015 kg; 2238 lb Noise level Sound power level Lwa, measured according to directive 2000/14/EC 86 dB(A) Hours 1900